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Why build a flower mandala?

2019 Summer Solstice Celebration at a Beautiful Soul.

Building a flower mandala is a creative and contemplative process that helps you connect with mother earth, as well as the beauty and symmetry found in nature. It can be used as a meditative practice for yourself, or created as a group for a seasonal celebration or observation of moon phases.

The name, mandala, comes from the Sanskrit word for circle and in Buddhism the mandala represents the ideal form of the universe.

The creative process of a mandala is as important as the meditative practice after the mandala is completed. The symmetry of the mandala represents the body, mind, spirit connection.

When building a flower mandala you may want to consider the meaning of the flowers to be used in your creation. The following are examples:

Aster - patience

Carnation - pride and beauty

Daisy - innocence and purity

Iris - loyalty and faith

Lavender - serenity and peace

Lilac - tranquility and passion

Lilly - purity and refined beauty

Peony - compassion

Rose - love

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