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October 10-13, 2019

Fall Women's Retreat 2019 

I enjoyed all of the workshops and found them meaningful and informative: journeying, guardian angels, chakras, gratitude, forgiveness and Mountain 10. Plus the community and connection with this lovely wonderful group of women was really invaluable.



I  enjoyed everything about this retreat! My favorites was the journey to the cavern of wounds and the forgiveness ceremony.  I received great messages and healing.         


I enjoyed the connections I made and the progress I accomplished; I will carry them with me always.  I was excited and apprehensive all at the same time to do this because it is very far out of my comfort zone, but I am so grateful to have done this to step into discomfort and come out strong!


Each of the workshops had so much meaningful information. I liked that you had us do active participation rather than just listen. I liked the arts and crafts time to connect with others in a very casual way, it gave us a chance to turn off our brain & create.  I also really needed that downtime for myself to let everything digest.



June 21, 2019

Summer Solstice Celebration

A Beautiful celebration of the Summer Solstice with the Sister Seekers. Welcome first day of summer! 

A Beautiful Soul

Happy Solstice! Truly a lovely celebration with the Sister Seekers as we created a flower mandela connecting with the beauty of summer.

Molly D


October 2018

Fall Women's Retreat

  • I enjoyed the sharing and interactions, the hands on creative space, and the encouragement. J.

  • The labyrinth helped with self discovery, the nature cleansed me, and new friends filled me up with acceptance, support, and confidence. LQ

  • The retreat was well thought out.  It was valuable to find the commonality among all of us. CG

  • I enjoyed the Mountain 10 experience, the time outdoors, and the deep listening time.

  • I truly valued the self reflection meditation, and self expression through art/crafts. Loved the options and depth of preparation to find oneself. MD

  • The group dynamics of sharing, honesty and grace was valuable. The size of the group allowed for everyone to speak. Affirming everyone was good. SC

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