Add meaning

to your event

  • Add meaning to your special event with a customized program designed by Sister Seekers.

  • Offering consultation as you plan your retreat or event.

House Blessing & Land Clearing

  • Buying or selling a home? 

  • Spring cleaning?

  • Life changes?

  • Health issues?

  • Mother Nature fury?

Custom Ceremonies  & Rituals for:

  • Letting go

  • Manifesting goals

  • Cutting energetic cords

  • Life transitions

  • Healing old wounds

  • Ancestral healing


  • Reiki is a safe hands-on method of natural healing that activates, balances and increases the universal life force within us.  Through relaxation and the balancing of energy, the practitioner enhances your body’s natural ability to heal itself. A treatment feels like a soothing flow of energy within and around you.

Providing opportunities for self-discovery, healing, meaningful connection, and aligning with your soul purpose.


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